What Is Zentai?

Recently, a group of people wear head-toe spandex suits showing up in public. They gather at park and hold party. In fact, these costumes are called “zentai” originated in the 1980s in Japan and the word is from the Japanese words zenshin taisu. To most outsiders, zentai means exactly what it looks like: full-bodysuits.

Why there are so many people like it? For most people, zentai is just a spandex suit enveloping people entirely. But it means a lot to these “zentai addicts”.

First, acquire sense of safety.

It can give people a sense of safety by separating all the judgment and opinions from the outside world. Covering the whole head, zentai suits give people no identity, which means people can remove all masks they daily wear. They don’t have to pretend to be a perfect in other people’s eyes. When they are zentai suits, they can be true and real to themselves.

Second, reach some people’s dreams to be a hero.

There are so many superheroes wearing zentai or morphsuit, such as Spiderman, Superman and Batman. One of reasons is that it could show the perfect figure of these heroes, while another one is “the original colors offered allowed the person wearing the chroma key suit to be lifted easily from a video image” (From Wikipedia). However, to zentai fans, it can satisfy their fascination with these imaginary heroes.

Third, pursue special sexy pleasure.

Zentai suit made of latex is an indispensable property for BDSM practitioners. Some people like the feeling to be touched and stroked in zentai suit. They like the feeling that the latex morphsuit holds their body tightly and rubs with their skin, which arouses them up.

There are more than hundreds of reasons for zentai addicts to love it. I can’t list them all. Maybe some people don’t understand or like it, but show them respect at least.

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