What should you wear in this season?

With the cold winter going by, warm spring is coming. For girls, they are always desiring the coming of spring, because they can have a nice dressing up and wear beautiful dresses. So many girls would choose to wear dresses. Except for dress, girls also love to wear jacket with a T-shirt, under is a fashion jean pant. Of course, there are thousands of spring combo styles for girls. So what will you wear in this season. Let’s look some fashion ideas trends now.

  1. This is a very fashionable and simple combo. Long shirt with a sweater. Bottom is a holed jean. That’s perfect combo. In addition, having a messenger bag and short boots makes you more charming. If you like this simple style, you can have a try in this season.


2. Except for this simple style, some girls would choose having a long dress with an coat. How about this combo? A charming maxi dress with a casual blazer. Of course, you can also change this maxi dress as a bodycon dress. This style is very charming and attractive. This style not just shows women’s shape but also shows her  temperament.  For you, you want to try this style?



3. If you love jeans, choosing a denim jacket as your outwear like this author. A mini dress decorated a cool denim jacket, bottom is a leather pant. A cool hat and high heel boot, it that very cool? Yes, this style makes you very cool. So are you a cool girl, want to have a try in this season?


4. Above styles are casual combo, if you are a worker and need to wear some formal suits. Well, this style is your choice. T-shirt is collocated with  a formal blazer. Bottom is a slacks and a high heel.  This style looks more formal than others? Well, if you love this style, it’s also a good choice in this season.


As a woman, she always have her own ideas of fashion. Different people love different styles. Well, once you like, just do yourself and wear what you like in this season. At Milanoo, you may really find your own loved styles.

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