What’s your vacation plan and what to wear?

Summer Vacation is not too far from now. So have you got any ideas about where to go, how to spend your summer vacation and what to wear? I believe this is a nice topic since people are always eager for summer vacations and will make a perfect in advanced, about where to go and what to wear etc.

In a large scale, people will choose to go to North America or South American for their vacation and these are two opposite vacation experiences, since you will be in summer in the former, while change to winter for the latter. If you love sunshine and beach time, maybe you can go to North America resorts, like Hawaii Kahanamoku Beach and Florida siesta Beach; while if you hate the hot weather, just fly to the South American, where you can spend your time in another scene, such as watching the greatest wildlife spectacle about the African animal migration

Animal Migration
Animal Migration

Or going to Australia Sunshine Coast, the home to pretty villages, renowned surf spots and spectacular rural hinterland.

Here we would like to share some ideas with you, about where to go and what to wear, maybe, this could help give you some advice for your coming vacation.   Before we start the sharing, i would like to attach a picture which you can see lots of info from.

Vacation Season Plan
Vacation Season Plan

1> Beach

Like i have mentioned above, either you are going to  Hawaii Kahanamoku Beach or Florida siesta Beach, swimwear is a must for girls. Bikini, Monokini, Tankini, cover ups, as well as the sun glasses, enjoy your sun bathing time with sexy swimsuits.

Sexy Beach Swimwear
Sexy Beach Swimwear


Surely, still do not forget the elegant boho maxi dresses, imagine that you are walking on the beach with a piece of elegant maxi dress, wind is blowing your graceful long hair. How beautiful you are, under the beautiful setting sun.  🙂

Tips: Do remember to take some Sunscreen cream with you to protect your skin from  sunburn.

Boho Maxi Dress
Boho Maxi Dress

2> Camping

This is a very interesting type, esp for the RV camping. A kind of new enjoyment, accompany with the magic nature. Apparel for camping is quite flexible and you can wear and take some comfortable clothing with you as what you like.

Tips: Still remember to take some toilet water , to prevent mosquito bites.

3> Climbing and Skiing

There are two common styles for people who are in their travel time. There are not only nice ways for spending your time, but also good ways for sports, keep your body healthy. While for the outfits to wear in climbing or skiing,  loose clothing should be the first choice.

4> Visit some historic sites

The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest wall and biggest ancient architecture. It reflects collision and exchanges between agricultural civilizations and nomadic civilizations in ancient China. And it is worthy to visit for all the foreign visitors.

Surely, there are only some narrow suggestions, there are still so many places for you to choose and a lot of ways to spend for your summer vacation. For the clothing you need to prepare, we would strongly suggest your considering both the day time and night time. So, sexy dresses, such as bodycon dress and sexy costumes are also a must. Just take some time to prepare your plan in details to have a nice summer vacation time~


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