Where to Buy Couple Kigurumi Onesie?

Are you interest in kigurumi which is a kind of easy costume? You know where it is from? Here Kerry wants to tell you its origins. Kigurumi is from Japanese name着ぐるみ, which is used by cos players who represent cartoon characters, often animals. There are various costumes characters like Pikachu, Piplup, Disney, Hello Kitty, cats, rabbits, cows and pandas etc. So you can always see many cos players wear different characters’ costumes on a party or other costume activities. Why so many people would choose it as their costume equipment? From my own point, I think these animal characters can make us look like we are them and we can imitate some actions of them which can make us happy. All in all, if we put on it, it makes us cute and lovely.

kigurumi pajamas

As we all know, the Christmas is coming up. This is a very huge festival that we hope to have fun in the eve. So you may choose a Kigurumi as your costume this time. In addition, you can also choose it as you pajamas. There are various characters and styles for choosing. Like Pikachu, Piplup, Disney, Hello Kitty, cats, rabbits, cows and so on, also children kigurumi pajamas, couple ones, baby pajamas and adult kigurumi.

Recently couple kigurumi onesie is very popular, you know why it is so hot? You can wear the same with your lover or your families, that’s really very interesting, right? In addition, you can take it as your pajamas in this season; it is really warm in night. And you never worry about cold winter. At Milanoo.com, you can find plenty of couple kigurumi pajamas, different color and different styles to be chosen from. What’s more, you can get two in a lower price now, if your order is over $39, it will automatically deduct $5. So it’s the best time for you to buy couple kigurumi pajamas now. Finally, share some couple kigurumi pictures with you. Hope you can like them. Now be free to choose one for your love…

Kigurumi Pajama Lion Onesie For Adult Flannel Red Checkered Animal Couple Costume Sleepwear Kigurumi Pajama Frog Onesie Flannel Animal Couple Costume Kigurumi Pajamas Giraffe Onesie For Adult Flannel Animal Couple Costume

These lovely kigurumi pajamas attract your eyes? In order to give you a deeper impression on kigurumi pajamas, we launched  an interesting video – PPAP Kigurumi Pajamas group show. Just watching it and laugh out… Is that very funny? Of course, you can also play it with your friends….


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