Why Faux Fur Is Must-Have Item in 2017?

“Winter is coming!”

Getting through this winter is not a difficult problem for us. However, how to survive the 2017 winter beautifully and differently may bother most women who want to keep fashionable. Then we will recommend you a Must-Have item in 2017 winter, that is faux fur.

faux fur, fun fur, fake fur

Fur coats once were one of the symbols of super-rich socialite because of its scarcity. But when the voices of animal right and animal welfare organizations arose in society, fake fur, also called fun fur or faux fur, gradually became popular and began replacing real fur.

Why you should own at least one fun fur products to spend this winter? There are four reasons.

#1 Super Cold-Proof

Human beings knew to use animal fur to make clothes to prevent from coldness at the beginning. Almost all mammals are born to wear a fur “coat” to adapt to nature cold weather. All of these facts have proved how important to have a fur coat to survive in cold winter.

#2 Super Fashionable

To keep warm, we usually put on layers of clothes. There is no wonder that we look heavily cloaked. But when you wear a fur coat outside, you can wear what you want inside. Besides, more and more fashion styles are applied on faux fur clothes.


faux fur, fun fur, fake fur

#3 Much Cheaper

As we mentioned at beginning, fur coats were kind of status symbol of rich people. But the fun fur can be produced in large quantities by advanced machines, which has heavily reduced its cost and make faux fur products much more available to normal customers.

faux fur, fun fur, fake fur

#4 Animal Rights Protective

We all know how crucial it is to produce real fur products. All the real furs come from these poor animals. Human beings get these furs by skinning animals. However, faux fur is made of synthetic fibers designed to resemble fur. It is animal-friendly alternative to traditional fur clothing.

faux fur, fun fur, fake fur


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