Win $300 Coupon on Milanoo Facebook Page

At the same time of “DEAL OR NO DEAL” event, we are sure that you will be again surprised for the contest game “Win $300” that is presented excitingly at milanoo Facebook Page. This is not only an exciting Halloween game but also an opportunity to test your attractive magic power. Most importantly, you can win $300 coupons for Milanoo fashion shopping.

Halloween is a great time to take lots of photos of your dress-up in Halloween costumes. Another Halloween Day is on the coming way, have you gotten ready for it? Yes or No matters nothing. To win $300 coupon, what you need to do is to Upload a photo of costume as long as you think they are the ones like:

  1. Cool to be your Halloween Costumes for 2011
  2. Stunning to show off your 2011 Halloween presentation
  3. Fascinating to tell your funny 2011 Halloween suits
  4. Attractive to becoming popular 2011 Halloween costume ideas


To capture the atmosphere of Halloween, once you have nice photo records of 2011 Halloween ideas, please do not waste. To win $300 coupons, please share your Halloween costume pictures to all. Here at Milanoo Facebook Page, try to get more likes, which decide how much coupons you will win. This contest will last half a month, from today to September 15. If you are lucky enough, you will get our prize “$300 Coupons” at 9:00 am GMT on September 16.


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