Why women are crazy about high heels?

It is said women are always lack of a pair of high heels in their shoes case even there have been plenty of shoes lying in dust. Shoes are one of our daily necessities. They protect our feet from hard and rough ground, keep us from coldness and hotness and style us.

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But nowadays, we can control the temperature in our room and has built wide and flat roads to walk. The main function we ask for shoes are how to make us more faddish. So people have created hundreds of different shoes styles to satisfy us to pursuit beauty.

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Different people like different shoes style. But almost all the people like high heels. I don’t mean all people like to wear them, but most of us like seeing women wear a pair of high heels, no matter of gender, age and color.

sexy high heels


First we need to figure out why women are crazy about this kind of shoes? There are three main reasons. One is that high heels can lengthen your legs. The second reason is that they would stretch your calves and to make them look slim and thin. Finally, the walk way will be much sexier when women wear pumps. These three reasons can also why men like high heels. Women would be more attractive to them when putting on high heels.

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The most common high heels are usually 30mm to 60mm in pointed heels, which most of women can hold. This kind of high heels not only enhances women’s charm, but also don’t hurt them much.

Except normal pumps, there exist shoes called sky high heels, which are over 60mm. Sky high heels are really hard to control. There are high rick to hurt you ankle or break your legs. Models will wear them on runaway. And some celebrities would walk in them when joining in some fashion shows.


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